The Artist Currently Known as...

Sal + Sally + Cecilia + CMDay

I got a lot of names

Liam Knight, Sally Day, Alex Yerkey, Katy McKay.

From left: Liam, me, Alex. Put another way: Here’s the Artist Known as Mom with the best creations she helped bring into the world. (Photo: Katy McKay)

  • My real name is Cecilia. No one calls me that but the IRS, the DMV and other such happy entities.
  • I go by Sally, and have since birth.
  • I’m Sally Wright Day on Facebook—and a bunch of other places.
  • I sign my art CMDay because there’s no “official” Sally Day.
  • I won’t even mention all the nicknames of my nickname, except Salamander Pie. Still a fave.

They’re all my names. It’s all me. Just so you know:

A painting signed by CMDay is Sal’s art.

Also me: editor, writer, website maker, mom.

Here I am with my kids, Liam and Alex.

Here’s the corporate me on LinkedIn.

Finally, I get to live the Artist’s Life, paint-spattered and grateful

Sally Wright Day, Ruth Gilmore Langs, Ann Arbor Art Center, Abstract Painting Class

C’est moi on the left, starting my first-ever acrylic-on-canvas piece in Ruth Gilmore Langs’ abstract painting class at the Ann Arbor Art Center, December 2014. It looks as if I’m smiling at the camera, but I’m actually glaring at Mar.

I yakked all about my late start to the artist’s life in “Free at last.” Here I’d like to credit two people and a place for kicking open the door:

Ruth Gilmore Langs,
the Ann Arbor Art Center
and Mar.

I credit Ruth’s abstract painting class and her light, sensitive touch as a teacher for opening the floodgates of paint. Kudos to the Ann Arbor Art Center for sponsoring Ruth and our class—and for being such a jewel in the art world.

And Mar? Mar shall remain anonymous here. So I send my thanks publicly to a very private person. ‘Twas she who dragged me, pissing and moaning, to Ruth’s class. Thank you, sweetheart.